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Instant Rx

Sometimes you need to supply your injured worker with immediate access to pharmacy benefits. Our Instant Rx program makes this possible, relieving both you and the injured worker of the stress of delays or retroactive work comp claims. The program includes:

  • Administration and training
  • Cards provided to employer for instant distribution as needed
  • Card provided at the point of injury
  • Auto population of information of claimant at initial point of service
  • Each card has a unique member ID – not a Social Security Number – to safeguard member identities
  • Each card can only be used for the single injury incident and cannot be duplicated
  • Cards can be reordered online
  • You determine how long cards remain open, what type of limits apply, and other customized details that facilitate your needs, such as:
    • Quantity limits
    • Days supply control
    • Doses per day limit
    • High dosage block
    • Cost per prescription total
    • Maximum dollar amount
    • Script limits
    • Mandatory generic drug program
    • Locked in physician(s)
    • Limited prescribers for WC injury
    • Limited or locked in pharmacies