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With today's challenging medical expenses, every facet of workers' compensation care should be reviewed to manage costs. Diagnostic imaging is one such area with significant savings potential.

Preferred Medical Network (PMN) facilitates these savings with premier diagnostic imaging management. Often left to a doctor's discretion, utilizing an imaging facility within the PMN network can capture a 35% average savings over non-managed imaging care.

Parameters of PMN Diagnostic Imaging

  • Types of imaging - our network includes various testing methods, such as MRI, CT, EMG, PET, arthrograms, bone scans and nuclear medicine.
  • National network - we contract at reduced rates with over 3,900 providers across the nation. Providers are paid directly through our network.
  • Electronic submission and reporting - referrals can be emailed to us and costs savings reports are emailed or invoiced back within four days of imaging. In addition, quarterly reports are submitted and additional reports, such as activity or turnaround times, can be supplied upon request.
  • Timely scheduling - average total turnaround time from referral to medical report spans 4.51 days. This includes scheduling, patient reminder, confirmation of patient show, confirmation of imaging delivery to involved parties, and billing.

Benefits of PMN Diagnostic Imaging

  • Fast and easy - simply send in a referral in any form that suits you and we'll do the rest, confirming all steps of the diagnostic imaging process.
  • Timely savings with reports - our network will guarantee savings, facilitate a speedy and quality imaging experience for your injured workers, and supply the reports you need to manage your workers' compensation care.