Preferred Medical Network - One Source. Many Solutions.

Our goal at Preferred Medical Network is to help you with any of your needs in a timely, caring and quality manner. We want your recovery to go as smoothly as possible, with the services and products you need. To this end, we strive to give you personal assistance in order to ensure complete care and satisfaction.

For reordering of established medical services and equipment or maintenance prescription, contact us by phone, fax or email, or use the convenient Quick Links at right. The Pharmacy Locator link also at right will help you to identify in-network pharmacies.

The benefits of our services to you, the injured worker, include:

  • Instant pharmacy access with our Instant Rx card
  • No out of pocket expenses
  • Quality products and services including many brand names
  • Close monitoring during the entire rehabilitation process to ensure responsible treatment
  • Guaranteed nationwide delivery on all products and services
  • No solicitation of supplies
  • Complete management of home medical supplies for the catastrophically injured
  • Pharmacy network utilization via phone, fax or email
  • Home Mail Order Pharmacy program with online reordering
  • Medical supplies online reordering
  • Access to interpreters in over 100 languages