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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

With Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), you can utilize technology to make your Rx administration for workers’ compensation claims easy, fast and cost efficient.

What is EDI?

EDI is the computer-to-computer electronic exchange of business information via a standard format. It serves as an electronic alternative to paper, fax and phone-based referrals. EDI utilization results in:

  • Quick transfer of information
  • Automation of routine transactions
  • Improvement of productivity and business control
  • Improvement of cash flow
  • Increased utilization
  • Time savings on set-up and maintenance
  • Reduction of data errors and rework
  • Decreased bill reviews
  • Decreased after-claim prescriptions
  • Decreased set-up calls
  • Elimination of billing delays and card delivery delays

Who is a good candidate for EDI?

Any Third Party Administrator or insurance company is a good candidate for EDI utilization. Call us so we can help you get started today!